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      2. Boy, that Commissioner's shore got some purty handwriting....

      3. amazing he didnt track any blood on that white carpet. where did he wash up at?

      4. This report is NOT what I was expecting. They DO have some good pictures, videos, and phone calls / scanner feeds but....there is NOTHING that shows me a crime ever took place here. If I never heard the story....I would be clueless on what I was looking at. I don't mean to mock anyone but really....The dates of the videos were from 12/14, 12/15, 12/16 and 12/18. And yet there is NOT a single trace of anything ever happening. Anyone can smash a window.... anyone can hit a cement wall with a hammer and say a "bullet did this" and anyone can throw "spent casings around" and say shooter was here. But there is nothing in here to tell me different. Then you have the majority of videos with the word " CONTENT REDACTED " through out most of the vids. Why is that ?? Too graphic ? Too gory ? Or maybe nothing was there ?? Who knows ?? I still feel the same way about this event today... as I did last year. Im not asking to see a body. But I am asking for more detail. Even a drop of "Real Blood" would have been nice but again....there is NOTHING. The cruiser vids show nothing. The school vids show nothing. The Lanza house shows nothing. The "crime vehicles" show nothing. So what is the world to believe ? We are to believe that something happened without nothing to be shown.

        1. The video in the Troopers dashboard cams are most important. Unfortunately they redacted the footage of children being escorted from he school. Big mistake, you could not have recognized any of the children from that distance and it would have put to rest the rumors no children were in the school that day. Look at the firehouse, absolutely no activity around it at 9:45am.

        2. I'd like someone to trace the car license plate numbers and see who they belong to. Some of the plates tags are 2007.

        3. Here in CT, they stopped putting registration stickers on your license plate in 2008 and moved them to your windshield. Then in 2010, they did away with registration stickers all together when the state went paperless. I havent had a registration sticker on my car since then.

        4. To Anon at start of chain: That is EXACTLY what I thought. I don't believe Adam could have been convicted in a court of law, there is so little evidence. Same is true for James Holmes. The police arrested him IN THE CAR, almost catatonic. No one can Identify him as shooter because the shooter had on a mask!

      5. Is there any way to edit the video's to remove the words (Content Redacted) as this makes them too long.

      6. Gene Rosen is a liar !!! If you listen to ALL the 911 calls from State hear a woman caller who says she has 5 kids that ran from school. The cop tells her to bring them to police station and she agrees. can actually hear little kids screaming in background during this call. Soooo....why did Mr. Rosen lie and say he had them in his home for hours ???

        1. The lady in the mini van had 5 kids she drove to the police station. 4 other kids plus 2 of the bus drivers own children were the ones in Gene's driveway. 9 children escaped from Soto's class altogether. Watch the video cams in the police car. In one where the trooper overshot the entry into Dickinson Drive, actually shows the mini van parked on the sideo f the road a quarter mile past the firehouse.

        2. so the bus driver and buses stay at the school all day? and the bus drivers kids were at gene's ... shill on, more lies!

        3. The kids ran out of the school got on a bus who drove them to genes ? Hih

      7. Gene is definitely a liar. You can clearly see him at the firehouse (at the same time he is supposedly taking in children who had escaped from the school shooting) in the overhead news chopper video feed pacing back and forth, looking like he was rehearsing for something.

      8. You are correct Gene is visible in the News 12 HD helicopter footage. That video was made between 10:50am and 11:05am eastern standard time on Dec 14th. Well after an hour Gene took the children in.

      9. I am not too impressed with what I have read so far. One thing for sure. Lanza blew his brains out while still wearing his black hat. You can see blood/tissue/hair on the cap where the bullet entered.

        1. Where were you able to see his hat? I have gone through 90% of the information and not seen this photo your refer to.

        2. The report said that he shot himself in the lower rear of his head exiting the top front of his hat. If you believe that you are an idiot. He did that with Glock's most powerful hand gun and half of his head should have been blown off with that hat. No substantive blood no bones no brains and just a small hole with 2 drops of blood and 2 hairs ? yeah right

        3. EXACTLY. Tiny hole in the hat, few strands of hair, negligible blood (may or may not be planted)

      10. 07 tabs on the Toyota ?

        1. in 2008, CT moved registration stickers from the rear license plate, to the front windshield. Then in 2010, the state went paperless and did away with registration stickers all together.

      11. In the school videos, notice how almost all of the toilet seats are up in the girl's restrooms, and nearly every classroom shown has chairs neatly tucked under the desks/tables. No real sign of panic anywhere, in fact, it doesn't even look as if there was anyone there since the janitor's last cleaned. The only waste basket I saw that was full was in one of the restrooms and it had still wet paper towel, as if it had just been used by the police, because there is no way that they were still wet by the time these highly redacted videos where taken.

        1. You are correct. The shooting lacked panic in every aspect. Somewhat calm 911 calls, to the way we see first responders at scene. Some even smiling.

          I saw one shooting on the streets of midtown Manhatten years ago, and it looked like a Chinese fire drill the way the bystanders ran to get away.

        2. School bathrooms are cleaned nightly. If this just happened at the beginning of the school day, it's highly possible nobody had used the restroom yet. Our janitors used to leave the seats up in the girls room too, so the rim of the bowl could dry, rather than be covered by the seat.

        3. maybe i am wrong but I said during the first week of this hoax that Hook school was non operational, I will stand by that.

        4. Agreed. I am a retired teacher, and I've never seen such unorganized stuff all over the place. The school looked more like a storage center for old desks, textbooks, and other equipment. Schools are notorious for not throwing anything away!

      12. It's just another one of the governments fabricated ploys, just like the 9/11 attacks on the world trade center. Watch the video Lose Change on Netflix. Slow the movie down and watch closely.
        When the planes strike the buildings. You'll see outward explosions 6,8, 10 stories below where the planes hit. That means they were controlled explosions. That's why the towers collapsed down on themselves without taking any buildings out around them.

      13. Hey on the comment about 911 when the planes hit, have you ever opened a door release pressure in a room and have the windows crash open or closed or other doors in the house? You need to do some scientific study before you say anything else about 9 11. Not the most brilliant comments on 911 I've read.

      14. Looks like someone shopped at a yard sale for a year and threw all this crap in the house in a hurry. I still am not convinced anything happened sorry there is to many mistakes and lies after lies with the governor, parents and all the officers involved O and don't forget the wacko clueless coroner. Also who the heck would be able to eat after what these cops supposedly seen your telling me these cops had no problem woofing down chips and sandwiches 3 to 4 hours after seeing 20 dead children yea right whatever.

        1. Also, the Port-o-Lets were already in place in strategic places (one was across the street from the school). Besides, a swipe of red paint here and there? Where is the blood? I don't need to see bodies. But blood? pools of blood? And finally, I said that I don't need to see bodies, but if the Pope himself walked out of that school and "told" me that my child was dead . . . a nuclear missile couldn't have kept me out of that school. And all of these parents just accepted the photography of the weirdo coroner? Never happen!

      15. Alright, so I was away for christmas/new years so i am JUST now getting through everything.... I always need my computer and privacy for this stuff.... DH hates it. Anyway, so Ive gone through most of it... the only blood I saw was in Nancy Lanza's bed and it really didnt look like blood.... nor was there enough of it to account for the amount of time she was bleeding out. Also, no spatter at all?? I watch enough CSI to know there's blood spatter when someone is shot in the head.

        Did anyone notice that her body is still in bed in one of the pictures in the first set of crime scene photos from the house? You can see her legs under the covers... and then when they finally show the bed, it's totally unmade because she's been removed.

        The videos are shit. They show me nothing we didnt already know.


        I. SCOTT VOLLMER - Affiliate of Michael Bloomberg. Mother Janet Vollmer is a Kindergarten teacher at the school. The school nurse described him in detail to Andrea McCarren after she said she met eyes with the shooter. The nurse later changed her story and lied multiple times saying that she hid in a closet for four hours and that she only saw the shooters boots. (The shooter was wearing shoes) Google Scott Vollmer + Sandy Hook - this man is at the heart of this incident I have no doubts. All day it was reported that the shooter was the son of a kindergarten teacher. Now we know why. This video BROKE the mystery and the case.

        II. Chris Manfredonia - His story makes no sense and by all appearances he is a participant. He lives right behind Lanza. He arrived precisely when the shooting began. He was caught fleeing the scene immediately after the first wave of shots and confronted by police on Crestwood. He said he dialed 911 but there was no record of him calling. He said he was looking for his daughter but why did he think he could find her on Crestwood? It was reported that his daughter may have been in Roig's class. This is potentially huge because Roig's class was not attacked even though it is the very first classroom and was completely unlocked for the whole event. WHY WAS ROIG'S CLASS SPARED? You would think Manfredonia would have been interviewed by Diane Sawyer with all of his interesting connections that day but we have not heard a word.

        III. The armed off duty SWAT guy caught in the woods. This was reported only once by the Newtown Bee that an armed off duty tactical weapons officer from another town was in the woods. Here is an apparent picture of him. If he was a real officer and was legitimate he would have presented his credentials instead of hiding in the woods.

        Some Newtown PD personnel believed there were shots from outside the school and there are bullet holes in multiple cars yet no explanation remains for who this man is and why he was there.


        IV. The Second Shooter taken into custody and brought to Newtown PD. Fox news reported that SWAT was deployed to his house and a body was found. That report was scrubbed and purged.
        The official report said this was a New York man working in the area and was determined not involved. WE MUST IDENTIFY THIS MAN- Lanza had NYPD standard issue ammo in his gun (SPEER).

        V. What happened to the Purple Van

        1. Initial tweets were that a father was the shooter. That is consistent with Manfredonia. Also the shooter turned the intercom on which means they had that inside information on how to do that.

      17. Male "WALKED" in .......was fatally wounded by police at the scene. They said " walked in " not shot his way in. EXCELLENT JOB YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME FOR ROOTING THAT OUT

      18. Check out this Kate Slate video. The autopsy summary on Lanza said that he had MASSIVE skull and brain damage yet the picture of the inside of his hat is clean as a whistle.

      19. Please try to search out Natalie Hammond's witness statement because it is among the most critical. One of the child witnesses stated that the shooter wore a mask. During the 911 call from room 9 Natalie said that she did not know the shooter. We do not know if this is because he wore a mask or if she did not recognize him.

        The nurse, Sally Cox, initially described the shooter in great detail to Andrea McCarren and then later denied that she saw him. She initially described a man that was the son of one of the kindergarten teachers. Her credibility however is impeachable because she then said she hid in a closet for 4 hours with Barbara Halstead. She also said that the shooter wore boots which is contradicted by the photographs.

        Hence the Natalie Hammond statement is absolutely critical.


          Document - 00256315 -----Hammond said shooter wore a mask

        2. Andrea McCarren never mentions the school nurses name in her broadcast, all of Nurse Cox's interviews are fairly consistent, with the exception of when she was joined by the secretary. Where is their 911 call? I like how the phone is neatly placed on top of the desk and the chair tucked in place.

      20. I just read a few things that I am trying to confirm.

        Classroom 8 was virtually wiped out except for 1 kid so this was obviously the primary target. This needs to be examined in more detail. Is it a coincidence that the primary target would be two brand new teachers without any emotional or personal connections established with the rest of the staff?

        Lauren Rouseau was substituting for D'Amatao- do we know how long this was going on for and what the duration was ? Was it that week only ? What were the circumstances ?

        Rachel D'Avino- I read that she only started on December 12th? can this be confirmed ?

        The class picture published does not show the teacher and the picture is extremely blurry. Could this be to obscure a photoshop composition

      21. " There's multiple casings and magazine clips and WEAPONS ALL AROUND HERE"
        If Lanza had the Sig in his pocket, the Glock and AR-15 just a few feet away, why would O'Donnell say weapons all around here ?

        The report by NBC chief justice correspondent Pete Williams said "MULTIPLE" state and federal officials stated that there was four handguns in the school and ONLY hand guns

        CSP Sgt O’Donnell
        : “I hear ya, I hear ya..I’m in and out of the building, we have uh, we have uh multiple in the double digits of death here…so it’s not good ..we have..were still clearing rooms..we have one suspect down..deceased..but we think there is a second shooter were not sure..there’s multiple casings and magazine clips and weapons all around the building here.”
        10:10:30 TFC Keane heads to the northeast corner of the SHES building to assist with escorting children to the firehouse. (Officer Seabrook’s video) 17
        A 100

      22. "Take the life of Adam" on the police radio

      23. Danbury clerk web site indicates death certificates for Olivia Engel and Ben Wheeler on December 14, 2012

        Book 6 document 00002060

        Trooper Combes said there was a guy in cuffs from the New York area. He had no reason to be there and no explanation.

        He asked him his name which was redacted. The suspect said he was from Newtown and just happened to be in the area.

        Remember the nurse said the shooter was the son of a kindergarten teacher ?

        Very simple question is next. Was this suspect from the New York area the son of a kindergarten teacher ? or more specifically IS THIS SCOTT VOLLMER ?

      25. I found this on GLP- very interesting. In Penna’s statement he asserted that he believed Lanza was shot by LE but that he did not hear any gun shots. Other report documentation indicate the shooter was fatally wounded by police.

        For what it’s worth :

        It’s in one of Pisani’s calls, right where it should be.

        Pisani’s call starts at 9:50:35 a.m. and is found in Exhibit 349 (the CSP 911 and dispatch audio files), named “StartTime 2012-12-14 14-50-35 Logger 45170321 Channel 3 RadiREDACTED.”

        The shot is at 00:56 into this call, which equates perfectly to 9:51:31 on the timeline…right where Sedensky himself stated the shooter response team entered Room 10.

        Perhaps this is why Pisani’s name was kept such a mystery for many months after Sandy Hook.


        A child witness stated in detail that the shooter wore a heavy winter brown jacket. Book 5 document 00258277

        An officer from another town assisting , Sgt Signore from Redding, stated that he observed a man being questioned wearing a brown jacket. The man in the brown jacket had no reason to be in the area. Sgt Signore assisted the other police in searching the man's vehicle and then taking him into custody thereafter.



        A child witness stated in detail that the shooter wore a heavy winter brown jacket. Book 5 document 00258277

        An officer from another town assisting , Sgt Signore from Redding, stated that he observed a man being questioned wearing a brown jacket. The man in the brown jacket had no reason to be in the area. Sgt Signore assisted the other police in searching the man's vehicle and then taking him into custody thereafter.

        Book 6 document 00040428

      28. I believe the document numbers are CFS 1200704597 document 00018466.

        This document diagrams the magazines, shell casings, and live rounds found in each class room and the surrounding area.

        1. There were 25 casings in the lobby and by the window
        2. 80 Casings in room 8
        3. 49 casings in room 10
        4. 1 live round by the car, 1 in each class room, 4 in the hall and 1 in his pocket.
        5. Magazines- room 10- 3 fully loaded, 2 with zero, 1 in the gun with 15.
        6. Magazines room 8- 1 with 13, 1 with 10 and 1 with zero
        7 Magazine in the hall way - 1 with 11.

        Now let's assume the shooter was alone and all mags started fully loaded at 30 round each and did not manually reload any magazines. Go through and work out each scenario.

        The shooter either attacked room 8 first or room 10. What is noteworthy is that the victims in room 8 were found piled in the bath room indicating that the teachers had time to try to hide them.

        I. Scenario 1 - assault room 10 first- the shooter expends 25 casings in the front window and the lobby, and eliminates a live round by his car. His first magazine now only has 4 remaining bullets.

        A. He uses the remaining 4 bullets in room 10
        B. He uses another 30 rounds in room 10 and now we have 2 mags with zero live rounds.
        C. There are 15 rounds used and 15 remaining in the gun.
        d. Total shots fired in room 10 are 49 which reconciles perfectly to the number of casings.
        e. The problem however is that this is where the AR-15 was discarded with the magazine still attached so the assault ended in classroom 10 (theoretically)-

        II. Scenario 2 - Classroom 8 is assaulted first
        A. magazine 1- expends 4 bullets remaining zero
        B. Magazine 2 - expends 20 bullets remaining 10
        C. Magazine 3 - expends 17 bullets- remaining 13
        D. Hallway magazine - expended 19 remaining 11
        E. There are 5 live rounds in the hallway and in class room 8.

        In this scenario we would have discarded 4 magazines with a total of 60 bullets minus the 5 live rounds ejected for a total of 55 shots. However the report indicates that there were 80 casings not 55.

        The numbers do not appear to line up.

        1. Your analysis is thorough and accurate. But . . .. The numbers don't line up IF you assume that all mags started fully loaded at 30 rounds each. No way to know this; and really, no reason to even assume it.


      29. I have gone through most or all of the documentation as well in varying levels of depth. The concern about alternative additional assailants is the most compelling issue since Lanza had no motive and we have no witnesses or evidence that he fired a single shot. Not one child witness said the shooter wore black. Not a single adult witness described Adam Lanza accurately or withing the most liberal of subjective parameters.

        A child witness stated in detail that the shooter wore a heavy winter brown jacket. Book 5 document 00258277

        An officer from another town assisting , Sgt Signore from Redding, stated that he observed a man being questioned wearing a brown jacket. The man in the brown jacket had no reason to be in the area. Sgt Signore assisted the other police in searching the man's vehicle and then taking him into custody thereafter.


        Here are the other pertinent documents that allude to this individual who is almost certainly a participant in the event that day.

        Police Statement Documentation References Book 6:
        1. Lt. Vanghele document 00002060
        2. Detective VanNess document 00001113
        3. Sgt Signore document 0040428
        4. Officer Heibeck document 00040345

        The only additional document that may give us direction is this one :

        document 0006484 by Trooper Brian Marino - he asserts that he arrived and saw Trooper Mo standing over the suspect.

      30. Man in camo taken from woods fit the description of children witnesses from Miss Soto's class that escaped. It is all fully documented in the official report as well as corroborated by local witness Roy Low in video and Andrea McCarren tweet.

        Andrea McCarren Tweet

        Children Description Statement Summaries:
        Police Walked A Man In Camo Pants And Dark Jacket Out Of Woods: Newtown Connecticut School Shooting

      31. Text of Patch article that repeatedly gets censored from Newtown Patch :

        Re-open Sandy Hook Investigation with Independent Counsel-

        Not a single witness described Lanza accurately with significant variations.

        Barbara Halstead , the secretary who was responsible for access into the building at the front door, has 5 different stories on how teh shooter got in the building and said that the shooter wore sunglasses. On her 911 call she said she only caught a glimpse of the shooter.

        Natalie Hammond said the shooter wore a mask was 5 ft 8 inches and a medium build. Lanza was 6 feet and a gaunt 100 pounds.

        Sally Cox told a reporter that she knew the shooter and his mother. Then changed her story and said that she only saw his boots and then hid in a closet for 4 hours until 1:15pm with Halstead ? So I guess all that sweep training by the State Police, K9, and FBI didn't pay off too much. Lanza was wearing shoes not boots as Sally asserted.

        Virtually every child witness said the shooter wore green or beige pants. Interestingly they pulled a man out of the woods in cuffs by that description and we have been provided no exculpatory information.

        The report asserts that the shooter died of a self inflicted wound yet the documentation indicates that he was fatally wounded by law enforcement?

        Lt Vance unequivocally stated that the shooter was discovered in the hallway yet the report indicates that the shooter was found in a classroom.

        A New York man was reported in cuffs because he was caught at the scene and had no explanation as to why he was there. He was later released, we are told,after being taken to the police station and explaining he had an APP that directed him to go to the school. Does that sound at all logical? Why didn't he explain that when he was in cuffs?

        How did the shooter know the highly esoteric method of turning on the PA system? Barbara Halstead made it unequivocally clear that neither she or the nurse turned on the PA so it had to have been the shooter. Did our brilliant detective staff overlook this fact because they were too busy analyzing Lanza's 5th grade group project on Granny jokes?

        Officer Penna was among the very first to arrive in room 10 and he reported that Lanza's was hand cuffed behind his back yet there appears to be no explanation as to who handcuffed him and why.

        This is all based on factual information in the report documentation.

        Officer Cario's statement goes into extraordinary details going as far as to describe which hand another officer used when attempting to open a door. Yet Officer Cario cannot seem to recall whether he went through the doors or the broken window?

        I could go on and on but I believe that I have made my point.

        Sedensky may be better suited in the personal injury field and should resign from law enforcement if he does not respect the oath he had taken.

      32. Document 00151276 - ATF and FBI participation - VERY IMPORTANT!!!

        1. Lanza was in room 10- exited into the hallway and saw two Newtown Officers

        2. FBI and ATF personnel arrived at the command center at 11:10 am. After proceeding to the school and conducting a secondary search for survivors/co conspirators they discovered the nurse and secretary in the closet. The time is not specified but an estimate of 1:15 pm is inconceivable under the circumstances. The timing of this search is crucial to discredit the statements of the nurse and secretary.

        I believe the radio transmissions announce an additional sweep of teh building was to occur at approx 11:30 am.

        Also did Halstead's daughter express concern that her mother was missing for 4 hours ? Since Bill was divorced I could understand his lack of concern but I would imagine he should have asked also.

        Why would the nurse and secretary need to lie about there whereabouts and that they were only discovered at 1:15 pm? Is it because they identified the shooter by name because they saw him and then had to walk back their statements? They could not have told the police who the shooter was if they were in a closet for 4 hours right ? At 1:15pm a suspect was reported to be in custody and therefore had been identified by others so after that time teh nurse and secretary could be absolved from identifying the suspect.

        Barbara Halstead stated that she would have been the one to grant access into the building. Tony Aiello reported that the shooter was allowed in because he was the son of a colleague.

        The shooter knew how to turn on the PA system.

        Andrea McCarren reported that the nurse identified the shooter as the son of a kindergarten teacher.

        CNN reported that the shooter had a connection to the school.

        When Lt Vance was asked if the shooter's mother was affiliated with teh school he avoided answering teh question.

        Do the math people.

      33. PLEASE Examine officer Cario's statement it is among the MOST critical pieces of evidence. He asserts that 2 Newtown Officers advised him that Lanza was seen in the hallway and ducked into classroom 10 and there was a volley of shots. THIS IS VERY SERIOUS - It means that Newtown Officers saw the shooter and did not engage, the shooter then may have shot more children as a result. Please stop wasting time worrying about stupid baseless theories like free houses, lead paint and asbestos THAT DOESNT MATTER!

        Document 00026724

      34. I love reading uninformed BS from paranoid Americans.